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Competition Rules

  • Please Label and upload all music to Dance Comp Genie.  

  • Since this is a family friendly event, any music with explicit language will result in routine being disqualified. This also goes for any entry displaying suggestive and/or inappropriate content.

  • All dancers are to report back stage to the stage manager a minimum of three numbers prior to their scheduled number.

  • All entries will perform in the order they are scheduled.  If for any reason a routine must perform out of order, it must be performed before the end of its category.  If this is not done, the dancer will still receive a score, but not be eligible for placement or overalls. 

  • Dancers may not compete against themselves in any performance style in the solo category.  Ie. If a dancer has two Hip Hop Solo’s they will need to compete the second routine in the next age division up.  

  • For safety reasons, with the exception of rosin, the use of baby powder and other agents are prohibited.

  • All performers must be ready to perform one hour prior to the scheduled performance time.

  • In order to be eligible for solo cash awards each soloist must be entered in at least one group routine.

  • For studios to qualify for the Studio Dance Camp Scholarship a minimum of 30 entries must be entered.

  • All participants must sign an online waiver- agreeing to the terms of the competition and releasing Centre Stage Dance Challenge INC. of any legal obligations.

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