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Special Awards

Studio Dance Camp Scholarships will be awarded to the highest soloist from each studio (including all ages and disciplines).  The dance camp scholarship can only be used at their current studio they are registered with and cannot be transferred to another student, studio or dance year.  Studios who have more than 30 entries will be automatically entered for this scholarship.  If a dance camp does not exist at their current studio- then a cash award will be presented to the dancer for their tuition for the upcoming dance year.  Same Rules Apply as stated above!

Special Awards will be given out throughout each adjudication by our panel of judges.  These awards will be given to dancers that stand out to the judges and whom the judges feel need recognition.  Special awards are awarded based on stage presence, costume and overall performance rather than by score.

Choreography Awards will be awarded at each adjudication throughout the competition.  The choreographer(s) will be awarded a special plaque as well as a cash award.  Centre Stage Dance Challenge would like to acknowledge the time and effort that the teachers/choreographers put into each routine.

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